Tigres de Cristal - Toni Hill's new novel


  • Crime fiction seems a solid block, but has many edges. From procedure pólice thrillers to gothic stories, from social criticism to the most unexplainable mystery. Welcome to the site, where, unlike the novels, everything is what it seems.
    Best regards and good reading. Antonio Hill 2016
  • “Mediterranean noir is coming back” -El País

  • “The newest phenomenon of crime fiction” -La Vanguardia

  • “The characters are intriguingly complex and the author skillfully pulls the rug out with a flourish at the end” -Library Journal

  • “A welcome corrective to snow-blindness from too much Nordic noir” -The Guardian

  • “The macabre premise is a shocker, but Salgado is the real surprise” -New York Times Book Review

  • “Intelligent and appealing” -Sunday Times

  • “For all his storytelling skills, Hill’s real achievement is in the creation of an idiosyncratic new character, Salgado… a series to watch” -Barry Forshaw, Independent